The Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Evolving Health Care Event Landscape

Engage Health Care Decision Makers With These Ideas


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Discover our best tips to connect with health care decision makers and be certain your event marketing strategy doesn’t fall flat. Read on to take the guesswork out of planning for your next conference!


Create an Energetic Start with Pre-Show Outreach


Tactic: Know Your Attendees

What keeps health care leaders up at night? How does your solution solve their problems? When you find the answers to these questions, you can begin working on how to get them there. This is usually different for each tradeshow whether the focus is on rural hospitals, clinical leaders, hospital trustees, health care system leaders, or other audiences.

Tactic: Pre-Conference Outreach Campaigns

Make your pre-event marketing about the attendees - their problems, challenges, the solutions you offer, and where they can find you at the event. In addition to email, postcard mailings are a great way to stand out and help make advanced appointments with key clients. Post to social platforms using the designated conference hashtag and include limited time offers or other reasons to stop by.

Two people standing with masks on at a banister - Pre-Conference Outreach Campaigns

Engage, Engage, Engage!


Tactic: Get Out of the Exhibit Hall

Take advantage of pre-summit workshops, keynote presentations, educational sessions and welcome receptions to learn, stay current on what’s happening in the field and network. Set goals for your team, such as finding three unexpected leads each day.

Tactic: Invest a Little to Get a Whole Lot More

Turbo charge your booth investment with a sponsorship package that could include added benefits such as registration lists, session introductions, meeting rooms, offering multiple touch points beyond the booth to reinforce your brand and interact with attendees. With thought leadership through speaking opportunities, live event coverage, etc.; you are now part of the conversation.

People gathered at desks with masks on with one of them raising their hand up in a social distanced room - Engage Health Care Decision Makers

Hospital Executives Face Unprecedented Pressures From Uncertainty Around Reform to Cost Pressures to New Regulatory Challenges. Offer Content to Align With These Pain Points.


Tactic: Offer Value

Brand awareness is important, but leaving the conference with a full list of highly qualified leads is even better. If your giveaways are useful and content is really high quality and helps the day-to-day work and pain points of conference attendees, people will flock to you.

Tactic: Leverage Partners

If you have partners who will also be at the event, consider cross-promoting with them. Create joint content, offers and bundled solutions so that you can amplify your message.

Small group meeting together with masks on - Address conference attendee pain points

“If you want to reach the right people in health care you have to go to conferences they attend. Invite them to join you for dinner or an event you are holding during the conference. Even better, make a presentation of research results or on a topic showcasing your company’s field of expertise. By demonstrating thought leadership, you may find the health system leaders approaching you!”

Kathleen J. Wessel

Vice President, Business Management and Operations at American Hospital Association


Once the Event Ends, the Real Work Begins!


Tactic: Don’t Sit on the Leads. Follow Up Immediately!

Now is the time to cultivate any relationships you’ve created with potential customers. Send thank you emails to keep your solution top of mind. Add a personal note; ask to schedule times to follow-up; follow up on specific questions from your booth visitors.

Person on a conference call - Follow up with booth visitors

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