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In short, we know hospitals.


Working with the American Hospital Association on a content marketing strategy puts you in partnership with the nation’s most-trusted partner to hospitals and health systems.


We know the issues that keep health executives up at night, we know the language that resonates, and we know how to connect your solutions to the challenges they face.


Full Content Marketing Capabilities

When you work with us, you get access to content and data strategists who can consult with you to design a multi-pronged, data-driven, intentional lead gen campaign. Our strategists, writers, and designers help businesses translate their expertise into relevant content. The result: a highly effective campaign that will engage ideal customers and connect them to your solution. You’ll be provided with reports throughout the campaign and, most importantly, the marketing qualified leads that your sales team wants.

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Efficient Targeting

Once you have the right content, you need to make sure it gets to the right people. No one can help you get it right better than the American Hospital Association.

The key differentiator is our data. Not only is it the most up-to-date, it also enables hypertargeting – well beyond what is available elsewhere. By crossing data from our annual survey of hospitals with our database of hospital leaders, we provide you with unmatched reach and insight. Say you want to target hospitals that are part of an ACO and own post-acute care facilities. We can pull a list of hospitals that meet these criteria, and then match them against our massive audience database to identify the targets with titles you want to reach.


Webinars that Convert

We provide a turnkey webinar package that includes consultation on content, along with the necessary promotional support, required coordination and production. You’ll get a comprehensive, multi-channel campaign to support your webinar, including promotion to a targeted audience of health care leaders from our database.

Turnkey execution from design to post-event reporting.


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Co-Branded Lead Generation for Equipment Financing Organization


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Co-Branded Lead Generation for Leading Health Care Software Company



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