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Where Health Care Business Leaders Discuss How AHA Members Can Best Meet the Challenges of a Rapidly Changing, Increasingly Complex Health Care Environment


In each episode, the American Hospital Association is joined by AHA Associate Program participants who connect members with best-in-class strategies and solutions that can turn challenges into opportunities—from the impact of market and digital disruption to new technologies that can effectively improve outcomes while cutting costs.


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May 13, 2022
In this episode, David Burik, Partner for Guidehouse, joins Kathleen Wessel in a discussion on how effective strategy can turn risks into opportunities. They discuss how hospitals and health systems can establish strategic growth plans amid many other top-of-mind challenges, such as staffing issues, health care disruptors and digital expectations.
Apr 8, 2022
In this special episode, Kathleen Wessel welcomes Dr. Gordon Moore, Senior Medical Director, Clinical Strategy & Value-based Care for 3M. Dr. Moore speaks with Dr. Beth Wolf, Medical Director, HIM, for Roper St. Francis and a 3M Physician Consultant. Together, they discuss how improving clinical documentation can help physicians accurately document a patient’s illness without disrupting the delivery of care.
Mar 30, 2022
In this episode, leaders from AHA member hospital Forbes and AHA Associate SimpliFi discuss challenges facing our nursing workforce. Bambi Gore, vice president and chief clinical officer of SimpliFi, will discuss obstacles and solutions with Lynn Kosar, Chief Nursing Officer for AHN Forbes Hospital. Their conversation will leave listeners with new approaches and strategies for onboarding new nurses and increasing retention rates.

“Through the AHA Associate Program, we were a featured thought leader on a podcast and AHA’s Rural Digital and Innovation Affinity Group. The program is a great way to share ideas with hospitals. We are excited to participate.”

Leo Cole

Chief Marketing Officer, Futurism Technologies


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