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Where Health Care Business Leaders Discuss How AHA Members Can Best Meet the Challenges of a Rapidly Changing, Increasingly Complex Health Care Environment


In each episode, the American Hospital Association is joined by AHA Associate Program participants who connect members with best-in-class strategies and solutions that can turn challenges into opportunities—from the impact of market and digital disruption to new technologies that can effectively improve outcomes while cutting costs.


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Nov 23, 2022
In this episode, host Kathleen Wessel welcomes George Valentine of Cox Prosight to the podcast. They discuss what it means to be a “smart hospital” and the steps hospitals can take to achieve this characterization. The description of “smart hospital” may feel out of reach for many organizations, but certain strategies can make it achievable and highly effective.
Nov 10, 2022
In this episode, Kathleen Wessel is joined by Dr. Rich Parker, Chief Medical Officer for Arcadia, an AHA Associate. Kathleen speaks with Dr. Parker about his experience using data to impact various areas of health care, including population health, the workforce, the patient experience, and financial stability. In particular, Dr. Parker shares real patient stories and what we can learn from them.
Oct 31, 2022
In this episode, Kathleen Wessel is joined by Adam Rousey, Chief Sales Officer of VISTA Staffing Solutions and Lou Vadlamani, Interventional Cardiologist, Founder and CMO of CardioSolution. VISTA and CardioSolution are Ingenovis Health companies. Adam and Lou’s teams are working with AHA Members to drive workforce stabilization and develop proactive recruitment strategies. By improving the condition of the workforce, hospitals can avoid reducing or eliminating services due to staffing concerns.

“Through the AHA Associate Program, we were a featured thought leader on a podcast and AHA’s Rural Digital and Innovation Affinity Group. The program is a great way to share ideas with hospitals. We are excited to participate.”

Leo Cole

Chief Marketing Officer, Futurism Technologies


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