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Where Health Care Business Leaders Discuss How AHA Members Can Best Meet the Challenges of a Rapidly Changing, Increasingly Complex Health Care Environment


In each episode, the American Hospital Association is joined by AHA Associate Program participants who connect members with best-in-class strategies and solutions that can turn challenges into opportunities—from the impact of market and digital disruption to new technologies that can effectively improve outcomes while cutting costs.


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How COVID-19 has  and will continue to impact Medicare and Medicaid
Jan 25, 2021
Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations for the AHA, welcomed Paul Muraca, Staff Vice President, Business Development, for Centene Corporation. Centene has special experience with Medicare and Medicaid plans that provide high-quality healthcare to all communities. In this episode, Muraca explains how COVID-19 has—and will continue to—impact Medicare and Medicaid.
Futurism Technologies Hospitals and health systems with limited resources
Jan 19, 2021
Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations for the AHA, welcomed Leo Cole, Chief Marketing Officer of Futurism Technologies to the podcast. Hospitals and health systems with limited resources may find it difficult to allocate time and funding to assessing their digital capabilities and strategizing for improvement. In its work with AHA members, Futurism Technologies has led small projects with big impact in this arena.
AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast Episode 3 Value-based care redesign in rural settings with caravan health
Dec 29, 2020

Nancy Myers, VP, leadership and system innovation for the AHA, discussed how rural hospitals are implementing population health tactics with Tim Gronniger, CEO and president of Caravan Health. They also were joined by special guest Rachelle Schultz, president and CEO of Winona Health, an AHA member hospital.

Rural and critical access hospitals often face a unique set of challenges, different than larger ex-urban health systems. As experts in population health with a depth of knowledge on the ACO investment model, Caravan brings an interesting perspective to this conversation.


“Through the AHA Associate Program, we were a featured thought leader on a podcast and AHA’s Rural Digital and Innovation Affinity Group. The program is a great way to share ideas with hospitals. We are excited to participate.”

Leo Cole

Chief Marketing Officer, Futurism Technologies


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