AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast Series

Where Health Care Business Leaders Discuss How AHA Members Can Best Meet the Challenges of a Rapidly Changing, Increasingly Complex Health Care Environment


In each episode, the American Hospital Association is joined by AHA Associate Program participants who connect members with best-in-class strategies and solutions that can turn challenges into opportunities—from the impact of market and digital disruption to new technologies that can effectively improve outcomes while cutting costs.


Tune into the Latest Associate Podcasts

Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations at the AHA is joined by Michelle McCabe, Director of Customer Success at Spacelabs Healthcare, as well as Dr. Richard Truxillo, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Edward Via School of Osteopathic Medicine, and Associate CMIO at Carilion Clinic. Their discussion explores how augmented intelligence technology has been integrated into clinical decision-making processes, with an eye towards current and future possibilities.
In this episode, Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations at the AHA, is joined by Tammy Johnson, Assistant VP of Clinical Strategy and Customer Relations at Magnolia Medical Technologies. Reducing blood culture contamination proves pivotal in enhancing patient care quality, outcomes, and treatment decisions. Join them as they focus on evidence-based practice changes to reduce blood culture contamination rates and unexpected sequelae.  
In this episode - Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations at the AHA, speaks with Felicia Sadler, VP of Quality, and Lora Sparkman, VP of Patient Safety and Quality at Relias, about how workforce strategy dovetails with high-quality patient care. Engaged, high-quality professionals are a critical component in delivering top-notch patient care. To attract and retain top talent, innovative approaches are needed. Elevating providers, in turn, can elevate patient quality and safety.

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