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How to Connect, Engage and Approach Hospital C-Suite Executives to Earn Their Buy-In


Research by Professor John Kotter of Harvard Business School found that 70% of change efforts failed due to lack of sufficient buy-in. If you want to make sure that your pitch is successful, present your case to the C-Suite according to what’s important to them using the language they speak.

In order to build a relationship with the hospital C-Suite you need to be viewed as a trusted advisor. When you speak the right language to hospital and health care executives, they feel understood. They believe that you are an ally who solves problems, versus a vendor who hawks products. Effective sales messaging that emphasizes the outcomes they care about about helps you earn their trust and win the deal.

Before your next pitch, check out our Hospital & Health System C-Suite Communication Cheat Sheet below to know what keeps each stakeholder up at night, the language they speak, and tips for getting their buy-in.

Chief Medical Officer | CMO
What keeps them up at night

Improving clinical performance while adapting to new payment models

The language they speak


Tip for getting their buy in

ID Benefits:
Demonstrate your ability to convert a business (clinical) strategy (problem) into National Quality Strategy, and/or Triple (Quadruple) Aim


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