Don’t Wait — Why It’s the Perfect Time to Start Planning for 2024



With the new year just around the corner, whether you want to explore new market opportunities, expand existing ones or build meaningful connections with health care decision-makers at target accounts, now is the ideal time to start planning for 2024.


Regardless of where you are in the planning process for 2024, consider these tips to make it even more successful:


1. Look Back Before Looking Ahead

Before you dive in and start planning, look at the past year (and even previous years). Find out what went right and wrong so you can avoid past mistakes and build on proven successes.

Dig into your sales and marketing data and see what stands out. Which campaigns have yielded the best results? Which nurture strategies have been particularly effective? Examine the demographics of your new clients. Which hospitals and health systems were most amenable to your product? Were there any surprising common characteristics at hospitals where you closed deals?

2. Understand Trends for the Coming Year And Beyond

Understand the chief concerns of hospital leaders today and emerging trends shaping health care’s future. The past 3 years have been brutal for the nation’s hospitals and health systems. The health care workforce is strained, finances are down, and the programs put in place to support hospitals during COVID-19 are beginning to expire. Keep these forces in mind as you plan your strategy and build out your messaging.

Where will your hospital customers be in the next 5 years? To get an insider’s perspective, go straight to the source. Consume trusted trade association news and insights such as the American Hospital Association’s Environmental Scan and SHSMD’s Futurescan. Extend your research to your competitors as well. The AHA Report on the State of Hospital and Business Solution Provider Relationships is a great way to understand top challenges, tactics and trends employed by hospital solution providers.

3. Build Out Your Calendar

Begin by considering your KPIs and envisioning where you want to be at the end of the year. You’ll also want to consider the pace you’ll need to get you there. Look at establishing monthly and quarterly metric goals to make sure you’re on track.

Once you've established the ideal milestones, align with your team on messaging and campaigns you want to share each month (or quarter). Be sure to plan around 2024 health care events and other thought leadership and lead generation opportunities with trusted partners like the American Hospital Association. You’ll want to act soon since sponsorship and partnership opportunities are usually available on a first-come first-serve basis and sell out months in advance.

4. Kick It Off Right

Embarking on a brand-new year of projects can be overwhelming. Initiating a kick-off meeting can be a great way to boost team spirit and establish a strong foundation. It not only is a great way to get your team to align around a shared vision for the year ahead but also helps to establish clear roles for everyone involved.

5. Don’t Go It Alone

Reaching health care leaders has never been more challenging. When you tap into the power of the AHA, you are connecting with the single best source of access and insights in health care. The AHA offers a variety of ways for business organizations that share our vision and commitment to America’s hospitals and health systems to get involved in our work and share stories and solutions.


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