5 Reasons Sponsors Should Be Excited About the 2024 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference


As we gear up for the 2024 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, here are five reasons why we’re excited (and we think sponsors should be too!).


What Makes This Year’s Conference a Must


1. High-Impact Networking

We're on the lookout for enthusiastic sponsors to serve as Conversation Starter hosts alongside our esteemed conference faculty and AHA leaders. This luncheon roundtable setup encourages participants to roll up their sleeves and dig into discussions, sharing their best strategies and tackling pressing issues while building connections. Plus, don't miss out on our Super Bowl viewing party and Putt for Charity event—both fantastic networking opportunities!

2. Hosted Buyer Forum

Sponsors will have the opportunity to present their solutions to decision-makers from rural hospitals. It's a prime chance to forge meaningful connections and make a real impact.

3. Insider Insights

Sponsors gain exclusive access to all educational sessions, enabling them to dive deep into discussions on the latest trends, strategies and solutions in rural health care. Armed with this knowledge, sponsors can engage with rural hospital leaders on a meaningful level, demonstrating how their solutions address specific needs.

4. Powerful Thought Leadership Opportunities

Extend your reach beyond the conference with Innovators Connection Podcasts recorded in the conference sponsor hall and an AHA Digital Trailblazer report focused on post-conference takeaways. These platforms provide sponsors with unparalleled thought leadership opportunities to showcase their expertise.

5. New Location

Orlando, Florida: Get set for a dose of Florida sunshine! The 2024 conference is making a move to Orlando, Florida, promising a change of scenery and a fresh perspective.


Not a Current Sponsor? Don't Miss Out!

Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and discover how you can connect with the visionary leaders shaping the future of rural health care.

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