Crafting Educational Content that Resonates with Hospital Decision-Makers



As senior hospital and health system executives continue to face challenges on multiple fronts in the aftermath of COVID-19, getting their attention is harder than ever. By providing ideas and solutions to help them navigate challenges and discover opportunities, educational content can be an effective way for marketers to engage attention and interest.


Tips for Creating Content that will Resonate


Gain an Insider’s Perspective

To demonstrate an understanding of hospital executives’ challenges, it’s important to gain insights into the issues that keep them up at night. To get an insider’s perspective and learn what’s top of mind, go straight to the source. Attend industry meetings to hear from senior executives directly, subscribe to industry-leading media and podcasts, set Google alerts for key targets and consume trusted trade association news and insights.

Provide Actionable Insights

Hospital decision-makers are looking for practical insights and advice that can help them solve problems. Educational content should provide actionable insights and best practices that hospitals can implement in their day-to-day operations. For example, a health care solutions company that provides telemedicine services might provide a case study that demonstrates how a client used telemedicine to reduce readmissions.

Use Data and Evidence

Given the challenging reimbursement environment and unprecedented inflationary pressures, it is important to present tangible and verifiable data that demonstrate how your solution delivers value. Highlight financial outcomes and show how your solution reduces costs using data, research, and case studies to support claims and recommendations.

Offer the Right Formats

Make sure your content reaches executive decision-makers by delivering it through the channels they use to consume information. Health care executives value peer networking and opportunities to interact with other industry leaders away from the clutter of email, the endless rounds of meetings, and the constant interruptions. A recent report by KPMG stated that 91% of healthcare executives said they believe peer networking is important for their success.1 Likewise, a HIMSS Media survey confirms that 81% of healthcare executives rely on industry events and conferences to stay informed about innovative solutions and industry trends. The survey also found that 63% said they rely on webinars and 54% said they read industry publications. 2

1 KPMG report: "The New Healthcare Industry Leader: How Today’s C-Suite is Driving Innovation, Collaboration, and Resilience," published on June 3, 2021.
2 HIMSS Media Survey: "Healthcare Executives Seek Information from a Range of Sources," published on September 21, 2021.


Educational content is a powerful tool to engage hospital decision-makers and drive new opportunities.

Tap into the American Hospital Association’s content and data strategists who know the issues that most concern health executives, the language that resonates and how to connect your solutions to the challenges they face. Choose from webinars, executive events and custom programs to secure high-quality leads that will fuel your pipeline.

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