AHA Associate Podcast Series | Cox Prosight

AHA Associate Podcast Series | Cox Prosight



AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast


In this podcast series, the AHA checks in with its Associates to learn how they are supporting members and leveraging the AHA Associate Program to stay connected with members and help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Episode 22: Characterizing the Smart Hospital Journey

In this episode, host Kathleen Wessel welcomes George Valentine of Cox Prosight to the podcast. They discuss what it means to be a “smart hospital” and the steps hospitals can take to achieve this characterization. The description of “smart hospital” may feel out of reach for many organizations, but certain strategies can make it achievable and highly effective.


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Cox Prosight

Cox Prosight is a real-time location system (RTLS) platform from Cox Communications designed to track and monitor assets, environments, and people to improve operational efficiency, staff safety and clinical workflows while engaging patients inside and outside of the hospital footprint. This powerful solution furthers Cox’s commitment to reinventing the healthcare journey to a more personalized, frictionless, and overall better patient experience. As a family-owned company, Cox Communications is the largest private broadband provider in the U.S.

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Featured On This Episode

George Valentine

George Valentine

Assistant Vice President, Cox Communications

General Manager, Cox Prosight

Kathleen J. Wessel

Kathleen J. Wessel

Vice President, Business Management and Operations

American Hospital Association