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AHA Associate Podcast Series | College of American Pathologists



AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast


In this podcast series, the AHA checks in with its Associates to learn how they are supporting members and leveraging the AHA Associate Program to stay connected with members and help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Episode 16: Addressing & Eliminating Bias in Laboratory Medicine

In this episode, Kathleen Wessel is joined by Dr. Emily Volk, President of the College of American Pathologists and Chief Medical Officer for Baptist Health Floyd. Dr. Volk shares her experience in addressing health equity in laboratory medicine, as well as outlooks for continuing to enhance care in pathology.


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College of American Pathologists

The College of American Pathologists (CAP), the leading organization of board-certified pathologists, serves patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. The CAP is committed to providing high-quality solutions to laboratories in their continuous pursuit of operational excellence for improved patient outcomes. With unmatched resources in accreditation, proficiency testing, external quality assessment, and quality management, all backed by the scientific expertise of our pathologist members, more than 23,000 laboratories in more than 100 countries rely on CAP laboratory quality solutions.

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Featured On This Episode

Cheng-Kai Kao

Emily E. Volk, MD, FCAP


College of American Pathologists

Chief Medical Officer

Baptist Health Floyd

Kathleen J. Wessel

Kathleen J. Wessel

Vice President, Business Management and Operations

American Hospital Association