Episode 55: Investing in Evidence-Based Practice Changes to Mitigate

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AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast


In this podcast series, the AHA checks in with its Associates to learn how they are supporting members and leveraging the AHA Associate Program to stay connected with members and help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Episode 55: Why We Should Invest in Evidence-Based Practice Changes to Mitigate Blood Contamination Risk

In this episode, Kathleen Wessel, VP of Business Management and Operations at the AHA is joined by Tammy Johnson, Assistant VP of Clinical Strategy and Customer Relations at Magnolia Medical Technologies. Reducing blood culture contamination proves pivotal in enhancing patient care quality, outcomes, and treatment decisions. Join them as they focus on evidence-based practice changes to reduce blood culture contamination rates and unexpected sequelae.  


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Magnolia Medical Technologies

Magnolia Medical Technologies offers health care institutions a solution to one of their biggest hidden problems – contamination leading to misdiagnosis of bloodstream infections, including sepsis, which can lead to unnecessary and prolonged antibiotic therapy, and false-positive CLABSIs.

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Featured In This Episode

Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

Assistant VP, Clinical Strategy and Customer Relations

Magnolia Medical Technologies

Kathleen J. Wessel

Kathleen J. Wessel

VP, Business Management and Operations

American Hospital Association