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AHA Associate Podcast Series | Accenture



AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast


In this podcast series, the AHA checks in with its Associates to learn how they are supporting members and leveraging the AHA Associate Program to stay connected with members and help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Episode 40: Harmonizing Humans and Technology to Combat Clinical Shortage

In this episode, Elisa Arespacochaga, Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Workforce at the AHA, engages in a conversation with Dr.Tejash Shah, Managing Director of Accenture Global Healthcare and the Global Lead for Care Reinvention at Accenture. Healthcare is facing an unprecedented global clinician shortage, a crisis that threatens patient care and outcomes. Join their conversation where they discuss bridging the gap between human expertise and cutting-edge technology. Learn how we can reinvent care delivery by adopting a people-first technology strategy that releases the pressure on clinicians and allows them to keep up with rising demand.


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At Accenture, we help our clients meet the essential expectations that every person has of the healthcare system: access, experience and outcomes. We help our clients address these critical imperatives through intelligent, cloud-based solutions that increase resource capacity, improve workforce productivity, connect data for personalized services across channels, and improve the quality of care and therapeutics. Together with the world's leading healthcare payers, providers and public health entities, we are putting humans at the true center of care to improve healthcare experiences for all.

To see a full list of the current AHA Associates like Accenture, visit this page.

Featured On This Episode

Tejash Shah

Tejash Shah, M.D.

Managing Director, Accenture Global Healthcare; Global Lead, Care Reinvention


Elisa Arespacochaga

Elisa Arespacochaga

Vice President, Clinical Affairs and Workforce

American Hospital Association