Target Niche Audiences

When you need to get your message to health care leaders in specific operational or clinical areas, we can help you zero in on your target.


We can help connect you with the AHA’s professional membership groups that reach across every aspect of hospital operations and areas of focus and responsibility.


It isn’t always the CEO or CFO who makes the purchasing decisions. The AHA and its professional membership groups reach a wide range of decision-makers across every aspect of hospital operations with events, education, publications, and more. This means opportunity for you to align your message with content that is viewed as valuable and credible by the field. Contact us to learn more about how you leverage sponsorships and advertising for outreach to our audience.


Key decision makers in

  • Nursing
  • Quality and Safety
  • Physician Leadership
  • Marketing, Strategy and Business Development
  • Physician Relations
  • Community and Population Health
  • Facilities Managers, Architects & Designers
  • Engineers
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Materials Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Environmental Services
  • Diversity and Health Equity

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